Handler Seminars


August 19th, TSRC grounds, 8 am

Mike Heard will host the seminar and with help from Paul McGinnis and Margo Ellis-Lingohr. 
Paul will give us insight on AKC Hunt Tests and Margo on HRC hunt test blinds.
Mike will present topics on the following:
  1. Lining. 5 leg vs 11 leg wagon wheel. 
  2. Obstacles vs Hazards
  3. Points – how to get on and off points
  4. Pattern blinds
  5. Poison bird drill 
  6. Formal casting
  7. Silent vs verbal casting, voice and whistle inflection
  8. What you are wearing
  9. Equipment needed
  10. Push and pull on the line
  11. How to be tactical when running blinds
If you have any issues, you need help with, please feel free to contact Mike.
This is free to members. If non-members want to attend the seminar, they must join the club through the club’s website. www.treasurestateretrieverclub.com 
Bring your own lunch, chair, umbrella, and questions.
We will be running dogs on blinds and drills. To save time we will only run a few dogs on each set up and drill. If you want to run a dog, please RSVP by responding to this email.
Thank You
Mike Heard



We offer occasional handler seminars to help our members achieve greater success in AKC Hunt Tests, AKC Field Trials, and HRC Hunt Tests. Members please let us know who you would like to host a handler seminar.

Past seminars:

Clark Kennington

Evan Graham

Bill Totten

Dave Rorem

Mike Lardy